What Furniture Should I Include In My Move?

A move is a perfect time to reorganize the home, add new elements, maintain what will still be useful to us, in conclusion, it is a time to clean and filter items. This is very important to decide well, because depending on your decisions, the move will be larger or smaller, and your expenses to replace what you leave behind will be greater, so you have to be very successful.

With small objects it is much easier to choose well, since they are things of little weight and volume, and that do not have an excessive value. But there is an element of difficult decision in our move, the furniture.

Furniture has a great value, but its difficulty in moving it is much greater than any other element of the home, which is why it is so important to make a correct decision in this regard, since a piece of furniture not only has the work of transport, but also assembly and disassembly of the same, which usually leads to problems. Although if you turn to a moving professional this may be easier than it would be for people without previous experience.

Furniture disassembly – a sign of its status

Sometimes, it is the circumstances that decide for us. More than once it happens that when moving the cabinets to make a move it is discovered that they have been the target of the moth or the woodworm.

There are signs that will avoid us the costly drink of deciding whether to take the furniture or not, and that is to know its condition. Furniture, and specifically wood, are susceptible to diseases throughout its use, such as moths or woodworms.

Although a piece of furniture may appear to be in exceptional condition, if at the time of dismantling it shows symptoms of fatigue with cracks, destruction of the area around the screw holes, or excess wood powder, it is not giving a clear indication of that the furniture is better to throw it away.

The furniture with diseases or with a very low quality, will suppose an effort that at the time of the new assembly we will see that it has been in vain, not to mention in the case of the moth that it can be transferred to other furniture in good condition, even those that we bought for our new house taking advantage of the move.

So… What furniture do I take with me in the move?

There is also the opposite case to the one we talked about before, a piece of furniture that seems old and dirty, with not very modern designs, etc. and that would be the number one candidate to be left out of the move, but without going any further, a sofa , if it is comfortable, of a suitable size and of good quality materials, it can be touched up with new covers, which change its appearance, allowing you to continue making the most of the sofa for many years to come.

It is also worth taking advantage of furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, etc. if you want to make a rustic or antique style decoration, since what we have can be restored and give them an appearance in accordance with the furniture and elements of our new home. .

In this case, the age of the furniture and its use are more of an advantage than a drawback, so bet on including them in your move.

We also bet on moving the furniture when it has sentimental value or when the furniture is made of a special and expensive wood, since this furniture tends to hold up very well over the years and is worth much more than the typical cheap furniture.

From our experience, we have to say that furniture is part of the move in a large percentage of cases, something that may shock you because of what you had in mind or thought people were doing in these cases.

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