We Are The Only One In Uruguay Packing Your Furniture With Cardboard.

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While other companies pack their furniture with conventional blankets, leaving it exposed to bumps and scratches, Tommy Re Locate- Uruguay Real Estate carefully and delicately takes care of your belongings from start to finish. Undoubtedly, packaging is essential to successfully carry out your move and that is where we develop our cardboard packaging techniques.

Do not accept telephone quotes and always ask for the quote in writing, any verbal contract could be broken at any time, leaving you out of any claim. As a general rule, most moving companies offer a free quote in Seville.

The Glassware?

The crockery as it could not be otherwise, we take care of it with great dedication for a successful packaging. We do NOT use conventional shredded paper from old newspapers or magazines, but rather special feed Kraft paper.

Why? Because We Want To Guarantee Your Move