Things To Keep In Mind After Moving

A move is a situation that generates a lot of stress and that makes us be aware of many factors, in which we must have some prevention to avoid future problems.

As we know that after a move your head is busy with a thousand things, we are going to refresh you in this article some things you should do when moving:

  • Register the basic services of the home: These services include electricity, water, gas, telephone line and internet, etc. We must inform ourselves in time to be able to have these services available when we move into our new home, otherwise you will spend a bad season at the beginning and you will not be able to enjoy your home from minute 1.
  • Change the locks: It is a priority when you move into a new house, since the keys are something that can be copied and you do not know if there are more copies of your house keys out there, therefore you do not have complete security. In this article we give you some security tips for locks
  • Have you notified the postman or the company to change notifications? You must ensure that all notifications via ordinary mail will reach your new destination, otherwise, you may suffer cuts in supplies due to non-payment by not receiving the bills, or the tenant of your old home may have access to your sensitive data that may be harmful to you.

  • Make sure you have the basic elements for you and your family: If you already know ahead of time that you are going to move, you can make a list of things that you will need in your new home and go ahead to be able to buy everything at first, otherwise, you will find yourself lacking these things when you need them and you will have to make a thousand trips to stores to buy it over time.
  • Know the contracted electrical power: In homes we can choose in the electricity rate to have more or less Kw of electrical power contracted. If we have less than you need, the electrical security system will trip when you plug in several things at the same time, and if you have more contracted power than you need, you will pay more money than you should.
  • Locate the water stopcocks and remember where they are, because if you ever have a water leak, you can quickly close the water circuit to prevent the leak from being a bigger problem. If you don’t know where they are, you will panic and have a bad time apart from the economic losses generated by the leak.
  • Make sure you have a medical kit on hand. You will be able to solve health emergencies better if you have a first aid kit on hand in your new home. In addition, if there is already one, make sure that you have everything you need for first aid and that the medicines have not expired.