Once We Have Moved, How Do We Save On Our New House?

Changing your house means starting a new life and a new life implies a change of habits that is why when you move to a new home you will have to review your energy rates. Because it may be possible that you have always had an hourly discrimination electricity rate but perhaps in your new house you have a dryer and you do not want to be using it at night, when everyone is sleeping and peace and quiet are needed.

First steps in your new home

If your new house is newly built, the first thing you will have to do is review all the necessary documentation to register electricity.

How to save on your electricity bill?

The best advice that they can give you to save on your electricity bill is to use an electrical comparator that will indicate the energy contracts with which you will pay less for electricity according to your particular case. With this free tool , saving on your electricity bill is much easier and faster, since the comparator allows you to search among all the available rates without having to go from one to one. However, two aspects must be taken into account:

  • If you can make the bulk of your consumption at certain times when the cost of electricity is cheaper, then you should opt for hourly discrimination rates.
  • The stable rates, with the same price of electricity for 24 hours, is perfect if your electricity consumption is throughout the day, so you will not have surprises on your bills.
  • To avoid surprises at the end of the month, you can ask your company to pay a fixed price per month for a year and regularize what has not been paid at the end; that is to say, that they return the money to you if you have paid more or you would have to pay what remains to be paid.

How can I avoid unnecessary expenses?

No matter how cheap a rate is, if consumption is not really optimized, it is very likely that your electricity bills will be high. To avoid this, here are some ideas so that your electricity bills in your new home are much cheaper:

  • Try not to leave any device on ‘stand by’ and that they are completely turned off when not in use.
  • Make sure that the heating temperature is 21 degrees, which is adequate for optimal heat without spending more. Of course, this temperature has to be lower at night, or it can also be turned off.
  • Change the bulbs for new ones in the LED mode.
  • Make sure your appliances are low consumption or have the ECO mode.
  • When you use the oven, try to make the most of its capacity since it needs to spend a lot of energy to work.