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At Tommy Re Locate- Uruguay Real Estate we adjust the work plan to each of our clients. The phases to follow will be:

1. Contact

First contact Mudanzas Express, you can do it by web form, sending an email, by phone and by Whatsapp.

2. Visit

Second, the visit. Not always, only in large moves and in some cases when it is necessary, an expert agent will visit you to assess on site.

3. Price OK

Third, the price. Once you have the budget with the price, you can assess and study it and once accepted we will start.

4. Packaging

Fourth, our moving service begins with the packaging of household goods, household items and clothing, disassembly and assembly of furniture.

5. Transportation

Fifth, the transport or transfer of your furniture and belongings, which will be done with the maximum guarantees and security for all the elements transported.

6. Delivery

Finally, the delivery of your furniture and belongings, assembly of furniture, placement of lamps, paintings, curtains, etc.